gary mcelhaney sculpture and drawings

Gary McElhaney is a noted Austin, Texas artist, creating original bronze sculpture. Life size bronze figure sculpture and bronze portrait sculpture are specialties of this
master sculptor.

"I am fortunate that I see beauty and feel emotion from simple form alone."

This artist’s statement belies the complexity of lifelike bronze figure sculpture and bronze portrait sculpture. However, there is no debating the skill required to come to mastery under teachers such as Charles Umlauf and David Deming."

World Class Bronze Casting

"Every Woman" was cast by the prominent Studio Foundry, which is a highly sought after foundry. Studio Foundry's renowned high quality bronzes meet the high standards of notable institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute.

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Original bronze sculpture artist, Gary McElhaney

A graduate of the University of Texas, has received multiple commissions from U.T. for both bronze sculpture and bas relief sculpture. His work has been exhibited at art galleries throughout the country. He has taught figurative sculpture and life drawing at San Antonio Art Institute, Austin Community College and Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory.

Lifelike bronze figure sculpture and bronze portrait sculpture

When you begin thinking about commissioning a bronze, you have to consider the skill and experience of the artist. Having done literally hundreds of photorealistic drawings and sculptures, Gary brings his unique giftings and skills to your assignment…that unique individual you want to memorialize in bronze.

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I want to express my heart felt thanks to John Rexroad who is my guide, director and guardian angel.

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